Sebastião Pereira, Charles Fátima Guterres, Rodrigo Texeira


This thesis is entitled “A Comparative Study on Using Simple Present Tense between English and Tetun-Terik”. It is a comparative study because it is aimed to identify the similarities and differences between English and Tetun-Terik. In order to find out the similarities and differences, the writer used sentence patterns in English Simple Present Tense to compare with Tetun-Terik in order to find out the difficulties that faced by both native speakers of English and Tetun-Terik. Comparative method approach is used to analyses the collected data. This is because comparative approach comprise with description, selection, contrasting and predicting. Meaning, in the process of analyzing the data, it pays more focuses on explanations and interpretation. So, it is a qualitative research. The research shows that there are some similarities and differences of both languages (English and Tetun-Terik) in forming affirmatives, negatives and interrogatives sentences and in Simple Present Tense. The result of this study can be also used as a reference of linguistics and future investigation.

Keyword: Comparative, study, using, simple present tense, English, tetun-terik

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