Ilidio Ximenes Moreira, Sebastião Pereira, Joana Maia Exposto, Luis Valentim J.M.S. Dos Santos


The Purpose of this reearch is to analysis the impacts of the leadership management on teacher services capacity in  secundadry school nino konis santana  gleno, Ermera. The research conducted under Quantitative method. The Population of the research are 152 Senior High School grade 11 student and 56 become a sampel.  The intrument of the research establiesd by researcher through field test to obtain the validity and realibility. This test conducted through exploratory analysis. The lowest point of Alpha Cronbach = 0.69 after 53 initial items. The final items that used to collect formal data consisted of 38 items. The colelcted data was analyzed by simple linear regression analysis techniques by SPSS windows 22. The result of the research showed that value of the corelation coeficient = 0,898 > rtable = 0.2221. It proved that the relation between leadership management and  teacher working performance. Meanwhile the analysis point of simple linear regresion between Y = 4.335 + 0.866X. These proved the linear relation between leardership management and performence of the teachers. The value of tcount = 14,927 > ttable = 1,6736. This result rejected hypotesi H0 dan received H1.   This contribute leadership menagement with piont  0,806 to the teachers performance. So, the researchers concluded that existed relation and siginificant between leadership manajement and teachersrs performance in teaching in ESGP Nino Konis Santana, Gleno 2019. The result suggested to the leadership team in each schools to foster the relationship among the leadership team management and teachers to increace the performance of each teacher.

Keyword: leadership management, performance, teachers

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