Ummu Mulkiyah


This research aims to determine the improvement of the ability to recognize English vocabulary through word card media in group B children at RA Nurussama Sidodadi. The methodology used in this research is experimental methods, namely quasi-design. Then, the population in this study was group B students at RA Nurussama Sidodadi in the academic year 2022/2023, with 22 students from 2 classes. The sample was taken by using a cluster random sampling technique, totaling 12 students consisting of two groups, namely the experimental group and the control group, each group consisting of 6 students. In collecting data, the researcher used an observation test as the instrument to determine the ability to recognize students' English vocabulary. Thus, to analyze the data using an Independent t-test. Data distribution is considered normal. It is evidenced by the calculation of normality test statistics using Kolmogorov-Smirnov, which shows a p-value> 0.05 or 0.144> 0.05 in the experimental group and 0.112> 0.05 in the control group. Then based on the calculation of the homogeneity test, the data variance is homogeneous. It was found that the p-value> 0.05 (0.344> 0.05). Meanwhile, based on the results of statistical calculations with the Independent t-test test, the t-count value is greater than the t-table (2.815> 2.101). It can be concluded that word card media is very good for improving the ability to recognize English vocabulary in early childhood.

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