USING PICTURES TO TEACH THE DEGREE OF COMPARISON: (Pre-Experimental Research to Componente Apoio E Serviço - Metinaro)

Romana Pinto, Jose Sarmento, Sebastião Pereira, Charles Guterres


English Language grammar needs to be taught to the military to communicate effectively and efficiently with the foreign army interaction when they express their ideas to each other.  Language is an instrument of communication used by people around the world to communicate with each other or to transmit information from one person to another. The objectives of this research were to answer the following questions: (1) Analysis and know the picture of a helpful strategy to influence the teaching Comparison Degree, (2) Describe the experimental and control classes before and after the treatment in the implementation of teaching comparison degrees through Pictures. The subject of the study was 20 militaries of Componente Servisu Apoio in Metinaro, which were selected randomly in two groups of 10 experimental and another 10 control classes. The instrument used for gathering the data was a non-test observation class and a test of 40 numbers of multiple choices comparison degrees were administered pre- and post-test to experimental and control classes before and after the treatments. Even though both groups were administered pre-test and post-test, however, only the experimental class was given treatment, and the control class was not given treatment. The result computation of the mean score of the experimental group is 3.8 which was greater than the mean score of the control group 1.3, while the level significance used 0.05 or 95% with the degree of freedom was 20: N-2 becoming 20-2= 18. It is indicated that the treatment was successful. This is why; it was decided to interpret that using pictures in teaching degree of comparison had a positive significant influence on foreign language learners. The picture could increase students’ comprehension of learning comparison degrees and more effective to do various activities in learning comparison degrees. So, pictures can be considered a good strategy to teach English comparison degrees.  

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