Isabel Barros, Jose Sarmento, Charles Gutteres, Fausto Belo, Agostinho Goncalves


The objectives of this research were: (1) to know if the bingo game can be used to teach English plural nouns. 2) to identify whether there were some significantly different before and after the implementation of teaching English Plural Nouns through Bingo Games. The method used to conduct this research was Classroom Action Research which is composed of four stages: Action, Planning, Observation, and Reflection. The test item was 40 numbers of the multiple-choice Plural noun. The pre-test and post-test were administered to 20 students of the Second Grade of Eskola de Hospitalidade e Turismo Becora Dili as the research sample. The result of this research showed that the mean score of the pre-test was  3.7 and the mean score of the post-test was 8. The mean score of the pre-test and post-test were calculated with the t-test was 13.6 greater than t-table 2.093 through the level of significance was (a=0.05) and degree freedom was 20:(df=N-1:20-1=19. Based on this result of the study, it was indicated that bingo could improve the students learning of English plural nouns because the mean score of post-test 8 was higher than the mean score of pre-test 3,7. Therefore, it was decided to interpret that there were some significant differences before and after the implementation of using bingo to teach English plural nouns to the second-grade students of Escola de Hospitalidade e Turismo Becora Dili in the school year 2021. Based on the score that was marked in the table from the classroom observation sheet was 91 which is classified as a very good level. The teaching and learning process of English plural nouns by using bingo games was running well and interactive smoothly between students and teacher.   It is recommended that the English teachers may produce the module of English through the content of bingo games as a strategy that facilitates the lesson plan for English language teaching material.

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