Avelino Carvalho do Carmo, Sebastião Pereira, Ilidio Ximenes Moreira, Augusto da Costa


The purposes of this study are to discover the influence of parent’s
motivation on students’ academic achievement. This is a correlational
study in a quantitative approach. The population of this study is all
210 of grade 10 of the Catholic De São José Operário Senior High
School in Remexio. The sample of this study is 27 students from the
population. The data collected by observation, questionaries’ and
documentation. The instrument utilized is fulfilling the requirement
validity and reliability test. It indicates the lowest point of the item is
0.50 with Alpha Cronbach's lowest’ value is 0.81. The researcher
utilized a simple regression to analyze the data. The result showed that
the value of education simple regression is 0.578 and the coefficient
correlation is 0,701. It categorizes stronger. Value is tcount = 4,917 >
ttable = 1.7081. It showed that H1 accepted. The coefficient
determinant value (R2) = 0,492 or 49.2 %.

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