Sebastião Pereira, Charles Fatima Guterres, Juliana Bui


The objectives of this study to describe (a) the first grade students of Junior High School Tunu-Tuibi Maliana able to use present continuous tense, and (b) the level of ability in using present continuous tense. The method that used in this study was the qualitative method, and responders of the study were 21 students of the first grade students of junior high school Tunu-Bibi Maliana in the school years 2019. In order to analyze the level of ability in using present continuous tense, the researcher administered the test to the students with the total number of test were 40 numbers of multiply choices.The result of the test showed that 4 students got Excellent Level (19%), 6 students got Very Good Level (29%), 2 students got Good Level (10%), 5 students got Fairly Good Level (24%), 3 students got Average Level (14%), 1 student got Below Average Level (4%). And the average score of whole students was 80%. Finally it concluded that the first grade students of junior high school Tunu-Bibi Maliana in the school year 2019 were able to use the present continuous tense and their level of ability was GOOD based on the standard of measurement that has being used in this respective school.

Keyword: Students, Ability, Present Continuous Tense

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