A STUDY ON THE ABILITY OF USING ENGLISH TOURISM VOCABULARY (Case Study with the Staffs of National Directorate of Promotion and International Relations)

Ivania R. Ximenes Gonçalves, Jose A. Sarmento, Sebastião Pereira, Charles F Guterres


The objective of this research was conducted to answer the following Objectives of Study (1) To know the Ability of Tourism staffs in using English tourism vocabulary in their office; and (2) To identify their level of ability in using English tourism vocabulary. The method that used in this research was case study which were 40 numbers of multiple choice were administered the test to 25 staffs as research sample. Based on the result of the data analysis from the English tourism Vocabulary test, the writer would like to conclude that the 25 staffs of tourism in Dili, Timor-Leste got total score was 147.8 which is divided 25 staffs was 5.9 based on the standard of measurement it is classified at Below Average.  It is indicated that the 25 staffs of tourism were still unable to use English touring vocabulary because they have lack of vocabulary. The distribution level of ability by the 25 staffs of Tourism as: 6 staffs or 24% who got the score 7 – 8 which is classified at Good Level; 7 staffs or 28% who got the score 6 -7 which is classified at Fairly Good; 6 staffs or 24% who got the score 5- 6 which is classified at Average Level; and Another 6 staffs or 24% who got the score 4-5 which is classified at Below Average

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