Olandino Jesus, Jose Sarmento, Sebastião Pereira, Charles Guterres


The objectives of this study were to find out the capacity Military of Força Defesa Timor-Leste have mastered to use English Vocabulary in the Simulation of Firearms training Metinaro – Dili, Timor Leste and to know the level of Mastery. The method used in this study was the Normative Survey Method which is used to describe the result of the study. The sample of this study was the 20 personnel of F-FDTL from the component Terrestrial in the Metinaro. The instrument was 40 numbers of multiple-choice English vocabulary tests only related to the English vocabulary of firearms. Based on the result of the Data Analysis could be seen that the 20 personnel of Força Defesa Timor-Leste (F-FDTL) got a total of correct answers 637 divided to total correct and incorrect answers times 100% equivalent to 79.6.  So, the score of 20 personnel of FFDTL was 79.6. The score of 79.6 is interpreted based on the standard that the Força Defesa Timor-Leste (F-FDTL) has mastered in using English Vocabulary for Firearms Training and their level of mastering is 79.6 which is classified as GOOD LEVEL. For the English Trainers and trainees in the training center Metinaro-Dili, and Timor Leste recommended that the 20 personnel of FFDTL still have a bit mistake from the total incorrect answers was 163 or 20.4% in using English vocabulary for firearms training. This is why, the English Trainers in the training center Metinaro is requested to improve more vocabulary skill through some kinds of helpful strategy for them to learn vocabulary.  In particular, the members of F-FDTL from the Metinaro in the future should have a dictionary and take more opportunities to practice using English Vocabulary for Simulation Firearms in every daily communication.

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