Mei Wulandari


Writing for elementary students is perceived as a difficult subject
because they do not understand what to write and how to write. One
of the contributing factors is because the teacher teaches writing not
inviting writing, meaning that the teacher does not see writing as a
process. The alternative solution to the problem is by not giving a lot of
rules, giving freedom to start and end stories, learning by joking, and
learning to write non-linear and erasing false myths. While the
technique used is by learning in the classroom and learning outside the
classroom. Registering words, writing chains, and quizzes are lessons
that are done in the classroom. Meanwhile, learning that can be done
outside the classroom can be done by writing a diary, writing on the
wallpaper, and making clippings. This writing aims to make it easier
for teachers to explore student competencies and the Indonesian
learning process can be presented more meaningfully.

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